Social media metrics and safety with Melissa (Barker) Nanavati


Melissa (Barker) Nanavati wrote the first college textbook on social media marketing, just as brands latched onto social platforms to engage directly with consumers. In addition to extensive research on the latest techniques to drive business outcomes with social media, Melissa draws from her own experience managing the social media presence for a variety of brands and executives. In this discussion with Jurija and Ashleigh at Cerby, we cover:

  • the three facets of each person
  • the professional, how friends perceive us, and the personal
  • business objectives as an independent consultant for companies of all sizes (startup to Fortune 500)
  • measuring brand awareness
  • what happens when social media credentials get compromised
  • the best tools for the best reach on social


Where to find Melissa:




00:00 - Melissa's professional background

01:17 - Writing the first college textbook on social media marketing

02:30 - Jurija's professional background

03:46 - Ashleigh's professional background

05:06 - Melissa pivoted from being a lawyer?

06:05 - The intersection between marketing and psychology

07:42 - How friends would describe Melissa, Jurija, and Ashleigh

12:20 - One area where each of us is growing

15:47 - Business objectives as an independent consultant

18:24 - Dealing with dissonance between corporate and individual storytelling

22:07 - How to measure brand awareness

26:58 - What would happen if an exec's social media credentials were compromised?

29:07 - Reclaiming Instagram accounts is a PITA

33:52 - Top sources to stay up to date with social media marketing

36:14 - What works on social media for B2B

41:33 - Melissa's preferred tech stack and tools for social media marketing

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