Cerby and Khoros partnership announcement

Today, we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Khoros, which allows brands to launch, manage, and secure their social media profiles quickly in coordination with the Khoros platform. Social media applications have traditionally been challenging to secure as they lack support for crucial enterprise security standards like single sign-on (SSO). Applications without this capability land squarely in the category we call nonfederated applications. Not having SSO forces many marketing teams to choose between security and usability. Passwords are shared, and 2FA is disabled, often leading to disastrous results such as account takeovers and agencies retaining access long after contracts expire. With the combined offering of Cerby and Khoros, this problem is addressed holistically and is a significant win for marketing and security teams alike.

At Cerby, we protect direct access to organic and paid social media accounts for Khoros customers. We’re honored that Khoros, who powers over 550 million digital engagements daily, chose Cerby as their social access management and security partner. The ecosystem that Khoros operates consists of an ever-growing network of social media, social listening, analysis, communication, and marketing apps. Now with the seamless integration of Cerby, each one of these applications and every individual user will have the option to protect against common security misconfigurations like password reuse, account sharing, and disabled 2FA. 

Starting on July 1, 2023, Khoros customers will begin reaping the security benefits of the Cerby platform.


A quote from Khoros


"Brands want assurance when they use social media platforms that their company is secure and that they can reach and respond to their customers," said Chris Tranquill, CEO at Khoros. "Khoros takes great pride in providing the best-in-class solutions for social media management and in selecting best-in-class partners such as Cerby in their respective areas of expertise. Cerby brings great value as a partner to provide seamless solutions with proven protection."


What you achieve with Khoros and Cerby 

With our partnership, Khoros customers can confidently and easily manage their social media profiles and customer engagement strategies, knowing that Cerby's robust platform protects their data. By leveraging the combined expertise of Cerby and Khoros, businesses can gain deeper insights into their customers' behavior, preferences, and needs and engage with them across multiple channels. With Cerby, customers will be able to:


  • Eliminate shared account risks by connecting social media accounts to corporate SSO credentials
  • Effortlessly grant access in real-time to shared accounts
  • Enable and enforce the strongest form of two-factor authentication (2FA) supported by the application and eliminate the risk of shared access accounts that often have 2FA disabled
  • Keep brand reputation intact
  • Automate employee and agency onboarding and off-boarding of access, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in hard costs annually


We are excited about this partnership and its possibilities for delivering unmatched customer engagement and security. We would love to chat if you have questions about our partnership with Khoros.


You can reach me at belsasar@cerby.com or connect with me on LinkedIn

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