68%! According to Verizon’s most recent Data Breach and Incidents Report released this summer, 68% is the percentage of data breaches attributed to what they call the ‘human element.’ What this really means is that credential issues related to web, desktop sharing or VPN access are the primary culprits. Verizon importantly notes that if you include what they categorize as privileged misuse (known employees or contractors misusing privileged credentials) the number increases to 74%, so effectively 3 out of 4 breaches.

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It’s apparent that security breaches are an ever-present threat, affecting organizations of all sizes. Imagine this: you're at the helm of a thriving enterprise, but an overlooked security gap – a stagnant password or credential set as noted above – becomes the gateway for a devastating cyber-attack. It's a scenario no organization wants to face, yet it highlights the critical importance of best practices around passwords and thus password rotations. Unfortunately the majority of applications and service accounts in an organization do not have a simple API oriented way to rotate passwords - enter Cerby’s innovative approach to rotate passwords for any application or service.


Why Password Rotations Matter
There are a number of innovations in the industry around pass-keys, passwordless, biometrics, etc. and these are fantastic, but the adoption of these technologies has been relatively slow. While large organizations like Google, Apps, Microsoft and Amazon have adopted pass key support, the overarching support across the industry is moving slowly, and we know that for years to come passwords and their related challenges will be ubiquitous for cloud and on-premises applications. Password rotations are essential for maintaining robust security across various account types. Let's explore why they are crucial for end-user accounts, shared accounts, admin accounts, and privileged or service accounts.

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  1. End-User Accounts

End-user accounts are the frontline of your organization's security. Users often create passwords that are easy to remember, which unfortunately also makes them easy to guess. Regularly rotating passwords, and doing so with strong password complexity ensures that even if credentials are compromised, the window of opportunity for malicious activity is minimized to near zero.

  1. Shared Accounts

Shared accounts pose unique challenges as they are accessible by multiple users. This increases the risk of passwords being leaked or shared irresponsibly. Implementing frequent password rotations ensures that only authorized users have access at any given time, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

  1. Admin Accounts

Admin accounts hold the keys to your kingdom. They have elevated privileges that can make or break your security infrastructure. In many cases there are manual tasks involved in rotating admin account passwords. Regular password rotations for admin or privileged accounts are non-negotiable, as they are prime targets for cyber attackers. Changing passwords frequently reduces the risk of these critical accounts being exploited.

  1. Privileged or Service Accounts

Service accounts, often overlooked, run automated tasks and applications. Many privileged access management approaches were developed for the ‘old world’ where applications and services were primarily on-premises. These accounts usually have high-level access and are set to operate with minimal human intervention. Ensuring these passwords are rotated regularly is vital to protect against long-term unnoticed breaches that can cause significant harm. As one of our customers who is a head of security noted, “With Cerby we can achieve True Privileged Access Management.”


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Password Rotation Automation with Cerby

Manually rotating passwords across various accounts can be daunting and prone to human error. This is where Cerby steps in, transforming the tedious task into a seamless, automated process. Cerby has pre-built identity automations which empower IT, Security and Lines of Business application owners to easily rotate passwords for critical applications and services on a regular basis.

Automated Password Rotations

Cerby automates the password rotation process for all types of accounts, ensuring passwords are updated at regular intervals without manual intervention. This not only saves time but also significantly reduces the risk of human error.

Enhanced Security

With Cerby, every password rotation is logged and monitored, providing an additional layer of security. This comprehensive tracking ensures accountability and makes it easier to audit and manage security policies.

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Simplified Management

Cerby’s user-friendly interface allows administrators to set up and manage password rotation policies effortlessly. Whether it's for end-user accounts, shared accounts, admin accounts, or service accounts, Cerby handles it all with precision and ease.


We know that the security of our accounts is critical. Automated password rotations play a crucial role in protecting your organization from potential breaches. By leveraging Cerby's automated solutions, you can ensure that your passwords are consistently updated, thereby fortifying your defenses against cyber threats. Don't let stagnant passwords or credentials be your Achilles' heel – embrace automation with Cerby and keep ahead of bad actors

Ready to revolutionize your password management? Learn more about how Cerby can safeguard your digital realm by visiting https://www.cerby.com/solutions