There's something for everyone

One platform for all the apps in your business that don't work with your identity provider (IdP)...from marketing to manufacturing and everything in between.


Control who has access to your marketing tech stack, whether you have hundreds of shared social media logins or a handful of advertising business managers.

Business-owned IT

Maintain control over who has access to your tech stack while allowing identity, IT, and security teams to verify access controls for compliance.


Bring business-owned apps into the identity perimeter and automate the two security hygiene tasks with the slowest rate of adoption: password rotation and MFA.


Automate onboarding and offboarding for apps that don't play nicely with your identity provider.

Unlock the full potential of your identity provider with Cerby

Extend access

Extend access

Extend identity and lifecycle management from providers like Okta and Azure AD to any application, even those that don’t natively support SAML and SCIM.

Minimize risk image

Minimize risk

Leverage Cerby’s patent-pending orchestration engine to detect rogue apps and guide users to more secure alternatives, all while keeping everything under the umbrella of your IdP.


Lower costs

Automate manual tasks like offboarding and 2FA enrollment while eliminating the need for enterprise password managers.

How Cerby works


Connect to your identity provider (IDP)

One connection, done up-front. Works with major identity providers like Okta, Microsoft Entra ID, and Ping.


Add your apps

Whether you're sharing logins or enabling user-specific logins, add those apps to your dashboard so all your apps are in one place


Enjoy seamless access

Already logged in to your corporate identity provider? Go ahead and try it—one-click access to all your apps.

Case studies

See how our customers are unlocking the full potential of their IdP with Cerby.

Minimize threats, maximize security with Cerby