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CSO Online

Attacks using Office macros decline in wake of Microsoft action

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Cyber threat actor

Cyber Safety Review Board classifies Log4j as ‘endemic vulnerability’

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Log4j Flaw Is 'Endemic,' Says Cyber Safety Review Board

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Cerby Introduces World’s First Security Platform for Rogue Applications

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Security automation startup Cerby launches platform for unmanageable applications

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Dark Reading

Shadow IT Spurs 1 in 3 Cyberattacks

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CSO Online

Security startup Cerby debuts with platform to manage shadow IT

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Top 50 Seed-Stage Companies Banner
Will Reed

Cerby is one of the Top 50 Seed Stage Companies to work for

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Belsasar Lepe Shadow IT
Asia Tech Daily

How Belsasar Lepe, Co-Founder And CEO Of Cerby Raised $3.5M To Reduce The Risk Of Shadow IT

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One The Record Podcast Cover
On The Record

Launching a startup during the pandemic

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