A large telecommunications company in Mexico is focused on being the leading producer and distributor of Spanish-speaking entertainment and information. To ensure its brand and services are managed securely, the company uses Cerby on their social media platforms to protect the brand, be secure and increase productivity.

The Challenge

The company owns and operates one of the most significant cable companies as well as a leading direct-to-home satellite pay television system in Mexico. They engage with over millions of viewers through a sophisticated operation of thousands of employees across the Americas and Europe, connecting with its consumers through multiple marketing channels and customer engagement platforms.

The rise of unmanaged applications created many challenges for the company, particularly in marketing. The complexity of managing applications like Facebook and YouTube drove leadership at the company to find a better solution that adhered to corporate security policies.

The marketing and IT teams wanted to take a policy-driven approach to security implementing the following policies:

  • Restrict access for certain groups based on dates and geographies
  • Not allow write operations in certain accounts
  • Allow access until the privileged operation was complete (time based)

Social media posed a problem with adhering to these policies as users were logging into apps with personal accounts, shared passwords and shared two-factor authentication access codes.

The Approach

The marketing, IT and cybersecurity teams began seeking a better solution to gain visibility and control access. The team identified Cerby as the only solution to enable team-based access to social media platforms, and streamline the management of access and key security features like two-factor authentication.

Benefits of Cerby

Cerby is unlike legacy password managers, Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) and other heavy-handed enforcement-based approaches that disrupt productivity, in three ways:

  • It helps protect the brand by connecting any application to corporate identity systems, even those that don’t support standards, enabling the automated creation and deletion of accounts and access that when done manually, often leads to breaches.
  • Keeps you secure by identifying violations of corporate policy and industry standards and automatically corrects errors before they are discovered by attackers.
  • It increases productivity by empowering end-users to administer their own applications, offloading and automating manual processes such as shared access for social media and financial applications, enabling two-factor authentication and rotating passwords.

Once Cerby fully takes over the authentication process, the platform effectively locks out anyone who doesn't use Cerby for access. This reduces the risk of bad actors hijacking accounts or sidestepping access policies and time restrictions.

Security teams love Cerby too as it moves previously insecure social platforms into a zero trust architecture.

The Results

The company has set up access control and management of many individual users and accounts across multiple social media platforms. Their goal is to adopt Cerby in all business units across hundreds of accounts.

The team has saved hundreds of hours on user management and shifted their focus back to core marketing efforts. Leadership is also driving their teams to only use Cerby to manage passwords.