Protect your business against rising social media threats. Get the steps for digital protection.

In the post-pandemic landscape, a fresh category of applications has surged, posing newfound challenges for corporations. Referred to as "unmanageable applications" by us at Cerby, they lack support for prevailing industry security standards like single sign-on. Prime examples include popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. While such platforms span various categories, the inherent risks they introduce remain consistent.

Organizations gravitate towards social media despite the absence of enterprise-level authentication, primarily driven by the unparalleled business opportunities they present. A robust social media foothold not only amplifies brand visibility but also fosters loyal consumer communities and propels sales. Yet, this silver lining has a cloud: these unmanageable applications, inclusive of social media, can usher in substantial security threats. From cyberattacks and compliance hurdles to potential reputational fallout, the stakes are high. This vulnerability hasn't gone unnoticed. The 2022 threat trends and intelligence report from Agari and Phishlabs highlights a staggering rise in social media attacks, with a 100% spike in just a year. Such platforms, while amplifying brand presence and enhancing consumer engagement, inadvertently create a fertile ground for cyber adversaries to disseminate misleading or sensitive data.

Addressing these looming threats mandates a proactive approach. While there are actionable measures organizations can undertake to bolster social media application security, it's pivotal to recognize that these strategies might not offer an exhaustive defense. Thus, while implementing the recommended protective steps is crucial, being continuously vigilant and adaptive to emerging challenges remains paramount.

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