Increase productivity

Increase productivity through automation

The challenge

One of the biggest killers of productivity (and security) is manual security tasks like enabling 2FA, rotating passwords, and discovering new applications not authorized by security and IT. When employees manage their own passwords and share access to single-user applications, things get messy, even with enterprise password managers. Cerby addresses this problem by replacing password managers and automating the entire login process.

The solution

Discovering new, unauthorized applications (we call them unmanageable applications) is a hassle for security teams, even if they’ve invested in Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs). New SaaS applications appear daily, and Cerby enables users to self-register new applications taking the load off IT and security teams.

With Cerby you can

Automate 2FA enrollment

Automate 2FA enrollment

Ensure 2FA is always on without relying on manual processes to carry out this important task.

Detect and secure unmanageable applications

Detect and secure unmanageable applications

Review and secure applications registered by users and managed by Cerby to understand who is using which app, in what way, and with what data.

Protect. Secure. Automate.

All your applications in one place.

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