Safely share passwords

Sharing passwords is often necessary, but it can be risky. Why? When passwords for an account are shared, it typically means that two-factor authentication (2FA) is disabled. Unfortunately, many corporate applications don't support shared accounts. The applications that fall into this category are best called "unmanageable." Unmanageable applications are a new category that is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to manage and secure effectively, yet increasingly critical for businesses to succeed.

Cerby allows you to securely share access to any application, even if it's not supported by your IT team. In this guide, you'll learn the best way to share passwords, the challenges, and the players.

Securely share access to any account

Not all apps are created equal. Some come with security gaps and complexities that can hinder user adoption and put sensitive data at risk. With Cerby, you can ensure secure and seamless access to all your applications.

With Cerby you can

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Get your team connected securely

Keep your accounts safe with Cerby. Easily tether any account to corporate emails and phone numbers so you can maintain control over who has access. Plus, log in automatically using your corporate credentials for a streamlined experience.

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Share logins without sharing passwords

Secure your corporate accounts with Cerby's safe, shared login feature. No more sharing passwords or 2FA codes—simply give the right people access to your accounts and keep your data safe. Log in to all your applications using your corporate credentials for convenience and security.

Secure 3rd party access

No more worrying about security when granting 3rd parties access to your accounts. With Cerby, you can provision access without fear of contractors retaining access beyond approved time limits. Cerby automates secure access to your accounts so you can focus on your best work. Not being a security expert.

Securely share access to all your apps. Only with Cerby.


Securely share access to all your apps. Only with Cerby.