The traditional onboarding process of new employees has long been manual and time-consuming, often involving paperwork, face-to-face meetings, and physical orientation sessions. 

Post-pandemic, the rise of digital technology has led to the emergence of digital onboarding, a more efficient and streamlined approach to onboarding new employees. Digital onboarding is an important new approach that helps organizations integrate new employees seamlessly into their roles while minimizing disruption to business operations.

The process typically involves leveraging digital tools and platforms to automate administrative tasks, deliver training and orientation materials, and provide new hires with a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

It leverages digital tools and platforms, such as online portals, automated access management, and workflow automation software, reducing the time, effort, and cost required to get new employees up to speed.

In this guide, we will look closer at the digital onboarding process, from preboarding to post-boarding activities, and explore how technology can streamline and enhance the experience for both employers and employees.

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The biggest takeaway

Quick onboarding means more time for team funfetti!