Application security risk management is a crucial process for safeguarding sensitive data and preventing unauthorized access in software applications. This guide examines the systematic approach to identifying and mitigating potential security threats in applications.

Key aspects of application security risk management we explore:

  • Security standards challenges: Understand the limitations of applications that don't support standards like SAML and SCIM, and their impact on business operations.
  • Cerby's unique approach: Manage all your SaaS administrator accounts with Cerby, which allows integration with applications lacking native support for identity standards.
  • Secure privileged accounts: Learn how Cerby protects sensitive data by managing and monitoring SaaS privileged accounts.
  • Cost-effective integration: Discover how Cerby eliminates the need for expensive custom integrations, providing secure access to any application.

To gain detailed insights into application security risk management and learn how Cerby's solutions can protect your business from cyber threats and data breaches, download our comprehensive guide.


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