How Cerby works

Our patent-pending platform has two primary ingredients: our access orchestration engine and extensive application catalog. The intuitive access orchestration engine uses a combination of browser plug-in and APIs to automate critical security tasks.

Cerby maps each supported application and, depending upon what it exposes from an identity and security perspective, extends your IdP using a combination of protocols, robotic process automation, and application APIs. This allows us to create points of programmatic control even when the application itself does not expose them. 

Automate access

Today, adding, removing, and sharing access to legacy and modern applications like Asana is manual. With Cerby, you can link these tasks to employee creation and removal events in systems like Okta or Azure AD (Entra ID), even if the application doesn't support SCIM. One click adds or removes access everywhere.

Go passwordless

Passwords aren’t the problem, users management of them and missing security standards like SAML and OIDC are. Once an application is managed in Cerby, users will never see or manage the password again. They can authenticate to any Cerby-managed application with corporate authentication methods, like Microsoft’s Authenticator, FIDO2 security keys, or Okta’s FastPass.

Enable visibility and response

Many nonstandard applications don’t support integrations with SIEMs and cannot track access at the individual level, particularly with shared and privileged accounts. With Cerby, all access is individualized and tracked, ready for your SIEM.

Automated 2FA enrollment

Getting your users to enable 2FA can be painful. With Cerby, you can set a policy and when employees onboard an application in Cerby, the access orchestration engine will automatically set up and enable 2FA.

Manage privileged access

When an employee leaves your company or a contractor's time is up, resetting passwords is an often forgotten step, especially for privileged and shared accounts. With Cerby, passwords automatically rotate according to your policy and SCIM events, guaranteeing access isn’t retained.

Cerby also manages passwords for SaaS administrative accounts in crown jewel applications like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Slack, and others.

Integrate with your existing applications in a few clicks

Cerby natively supports many applications right out of the box, and we add more regularly. Don’t see your application listed below? Don’t worry, we got your back! Request an integration below. And yes, we natively integrate with Okta, Azure AD (Entra ID), Ping, and any standards supporting IdP.

Save money and streamline access with Cerby

Protect. Secure. Automate.