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Your key to protecting your brand

Cerby automates the protection of your brand against common application misconfigurations that violate security best practices, like shared passwords and disabled 2FA, before attackers exploit them.

Your key to protecting your brand

How Cerby works

Cerby works using a combination of robotic process automation and application APIs, enabling Cerby to create points of programmatic control even when the application itself does not expose them.

Cerby leverages multiple automation agents (browser plugin, local desktop client, and server-side isolated browser) to play back programmed automation flows. This enables the Cerby platform to securely manage and automate key security hygiene tasks for any application without being limited by the platform’s underlying APIs.

How cerby works

Automate access

Today, adding, removing, and sharing access to applications like Facebook and Twitter is manual. With Cerby, you can link these tasks to employee creation and removal events in systems like Okta or Azure AD, even if the application isn’t supported. One click adds or removes access everywhere in any application.

Automate access

Centralize contact management

For accounts managed outside of Okta and Azure AD, users often use personal emails and phone numbers to set up critical features like 2FA. With Cerby, provision and set corporate-owned contact points to ensure a user never walks out the door with account control.

Centrally manage contacts

Track usage

Ever tried to track what’s going on across your applications that aren’t integrated with Okta or Azure AD? It’s hard. With Cerby, all access is individualized and tracked, even when multiple users access the same account.

Track usage

Craft tight permissions

For shared accounts, you may not want a particular user to be able to carry out some operations, like resetting a password or accessing financial information. With Cerby, configure and apply your own roles–even when users access the same account! The security team’s dreams do come true with Cerby.

Craft tight permissions

Detect new applications

Review new applications registered by users and managed by Cerby to understand who is using which application, in what way, and with what data. Then automatically secure it.

Discover applications

This is why we do what we do.

No one says it better than our customers.

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"We chose Cerby because we needed a secure and centralized place to manage access to our paid social accounts. Additionally, the automated access removal of employees who have left the company provides a level of security we did not previously have.”

Nina Donnard, AVP Paid Social


Misalud testimonial

"Cerby provides an access and password management platform that goes beyond traditional password managers. We know that our social presence is secure and that we are following industry best practices when it comes to managing security features like two-factor authentication."

Wendy Johansson, Cofounder, Chief Product Officer


Danielle Ruess

"Before Cerby, our marketing teams spent hours each month managing access to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. With the automation Cerby provides, we no longer have to worry about managing access and this has saved a lot of valuable time and increased our efficiency."

Danielle Ruess, Chief Marketing Officer


Lana Farrand

"We are impressed by Cerby's approach to facilitating distributed access management for traditionally unmanageable applications, allowing users and IT to complement each other's efforts."

Lana Farrand, Executive Director, Information Security Program Management

Fox Corporation

Integrate with your existing tools in a few clicks

The Cerby platform supports many applications right out of the box, and we add more regularly. Don’t see your application listed below? Don’t worry, we got your back! Request an integration below. And yes, we natively integrate with both Okta and Azure AD.

Integrate with your existing tools in a few clicks

Protect. Secure. Automate.

All your applications in one place.

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