Access management system

An access management system is a set of tools and rules, and an added layer to SSO, that helps organizations control who can access their systems and resources. It ensures that only authorized individuals can access the right information at the right time while keeping unauthorized users out.

Unfortunately, many corporate applications don't support the SSO standard and can't reap all the benefits. The applications that fall into this category are best called "nonfederated." Nonfederated applications are a new category that is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to manage and secure effectively, yet increasingly critical for businesses to succeed.

Cerby connects all of your apps to your SSO tools, even if they don't support the SSO standard. In this guide, you'll learn about SSO software, the history, and the benefits.

Streamline access with single sign-on

Not all apps are created equal. Some come with security gaps and complexities that can hinder user adoption and put sensitive data at risk. With Cerby, you can ensure secure and seamless access to all your applications, regardless of their support for standards like SSO.

With Cerby you can

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Close the identity gap

Extend SSO authentication to any legacy or nonfederated app and close the security gap by enforcing access control across all apps, not just those that support identity standards.

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Universally enforce 2FA

Enable and enforce the most potent form of two-factor authentication (2FA) supported by the application and eliminate the risk of shared access accounts that often have 2FA disabled.

Eliminate the SSO tax

Stop paying extra for what should be a standard feature of every SaaS application. Move security from being a financial decision to a non-negotiable that doesn’t break the bank.

Get the security of SSO for all your apps.


Get the security of SSO for all your apps.