Be secure

Extend zero trust principles to any application

The challenge

Zero trust is all the buzz for a good reason. It works. The challenge is that many applications your business use likely don’t support common security standards: SAML for authentication and SCIM for provisioning and deprovisioning users across SaaS applications are some that come to mind. The lack of standards makes implementing zero trust principles difficult because identity is at the core of a zero trust architecture.

The solution

Cerby solves this problem by extending corporate identities to any application, even if they don’t natively support SAML and SCIM or have security APIs. With Cerby, you can extend your Okta and Azure AD investments to any application. Cerby is your answer to including any application in your protect surface to your zero trust strategy.

With Cerby you can

Programming Browser Security Shield

Include any application in your zero trust strategy

Expand your protect surface to include applications previously out of reach but critical to your brand.

Folder Lock

Secure employees and third party access

Provision secure access to any application to employees and temporary contractors without fear of an ex-employee or one-time event contractor retaining account access beyond approved time limits.

Protect. Secure. Automate.

All your applications in one place.

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