Secure access to any business application


Cerby provides your organization with a comprehensive access management platform covering various business applications, from social media to financial systems. Our platform ensures that the right people can access the right things while keeping the wrong people out.

Protecting every app, every time with Cerby

What type of app do you need to secure?

Cerby solves the problem of managing access to applications that don't work with identity providers due to a lack of support for standards like SSO and SCIM. This can be a significant challenge for organizations because it requires manual management of credentials and access rights, which is time-consuming and error-prone.

Social media

Cerby enables marketing teams to control and monitor access to social media accounts across multiple platforms, including API, web, and mobile. By using Cerby, teams can easily share access internally and with agencies without having to share passwords.


Cerby simplifies managing access to legacy apps by extending identity provider single sign-on and lifecycle management capabilities to them. With Cerby, IT and Security teams can manage access and provide secure passwordless authentication, eliminating the risk of password-based attacks.

Electronic health records

Cerby helps healthcare organizations meet compliance requirements for electronic health records (EHRs) by providing centralized access management and passwordless authentication. By using Cerby, compliance teams can manage access to EHRs and ensure that sensitive patient information is protected.

Operational technology

Cerby helps secure operational technology (OT) systems by enabling passwordless authentication and providing fine-grained access control. Cerby ensures that only authorized personnel can access OT systems, minimizing the risk of cyber attacks that could disrupt critical infrastructure.


Cerby provides organizations with a comprehensive access management platform for financial applications, enabling seamless authentication and fine-grained access control no matter the underlying application's support for standards like SSO and SCIM. With Cerby, IT and Security teams can easily manage access to financial applications and ensure that data is protected in accordance with industry regulations.

From legacy to cutting-edge, Cerby has your access covered

Extend your reach, not your budget

With Cerby's comprehensive access management platform, your organization can secure access to all your business applications, from social media to financial systems. Our platform provides a modern solution for managing access to legacy and nonfederated applications, meeting regulatory requirements, and protecting sensitive data.

Integrated access management

Cerby is the only comprehensive access management platform that seamlessly integrates with your identity provider to extend single sign-on and lifecycle management to any application. 

  • Onboard and offboard users automatically using existing groups and roles in your identity provider
  • Passwordless authentication for legacy and nonfederated apps, eliminating the need for users to manage passwords
  • Simplify user access monitoring with centralized user access management across nonfederated and legacy apps

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