Special report

State of employee choice report

Cerby's survey shows that employee application choice improves job satisfaction and productivity.

Whether employees are remote, permanently remote, or back in the office, everyone is creating their "new normal" in different ways.

Our survey of 500+ business professionals in North America and the UK employed by companies with more than $100M in annual revenues, shows that employees, working from home or not, demand full control over the applications they use and no longer accepting of IT or security teams standing in the way. We’re not just talking about decades-old apps but all unmanageable applications. 

Unmanageable applications are apps that organizations lack a way to secure as many do not offer security APIs, support industry standards like single sign-on, and break Zero Trust principles. Not to forget, they put your brand at major risk.

In other words, while the phenomenon of unmanageable applications is still an emerging trend, there seems to be an employee preference for a win-lose approach to application choice that Cerby wants to solve with you in the wake of the pandemic.

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The biggest takeaway

Behaviors on employee application choice have permanently shifted.