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Mobile Engineer

Anywhere in Mexico or the US

At Cerby we believe there is a better way for Enterprises and consumers alike to use cloud applications and to share access with others in a secure way. Unsurprisingly, our mobile devices play a key role in this exchange of identity and data.

We are looking for a mobile development guru who is eager to lead the way on developing a usable and highly secure mobile identity experience. You will work across teams at Cerby and with Cerby customers to pressure test your UX prototypes and designs.


What you will do:

  • Build intuitive and eye-catching mobile experiences.
  • Leverage the iOS and Android app frameworks in creative ways to facilitate new cross-application data interactions.
  • Drive our mobile application development and testing strategy across popular mobile OSes and devices.
  • Develop complete features from requirements through to deployment and experimentation.
  • Work closely with Cerby’s designers and Cerby customers to understand what’s broken with current mobile identity solutions and significantly improve them.
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What we are looking for:

  • Experience developing iOS or Android applications for security and/or compliance centric use cases.
  • Deep familiarity deploying UX frameworks like React.js to iterate quickly on mobile application designs.
  • Experience with automated building of iOS and/or Android applications using tools such as Bitrise, Circle, App Center, or similar.
  • Experience with automated testing services such as Device Farm, BrowserStack, or similar.
  • A keen eye for identifying suboptimal user experiences and creatively finding solutions to improve them.